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Ancient Oat Hydration Crush
Smells Like: Warm, musky sandalwood with hints of vanilla and citrus Benefits: Relaxation, Hydration, Sleep


Smells Like: Creamy milk chocolate and fresh-cut roses Benefits: Hydration, Relaxation


Bath Bomb
Bath Bombs you can feel good about. Ethically sourced.


BeCalm Bubble Elixir
Smells Like: A pot of earl grey tea infused with lavender Benefits: Relaxation, Sleep


BePure Bubble Elixir
Smells Like: Freshly puréed, juicy honeydew melon Benefits: Sensitive Skin, Eczema Relief, Hydration


BeRejuvenated Bubble Elixir
Smells Like: Freshly milled pine and crushed mint leaves Benefits: Detoxification, Recovery


Boreal Fog
Smells Like: The char of fresh-burnt lumber Benefits: Detoxification, Recovery, Sinus Relief


Charcoal Garden Detox Crush
Smells Like: Snacking on black licorice—in the midst of a garden Benefits: Detoxification, Recovery, Sleep


Clear Universal Sized Overflow Drain Cover


Crush Large Bag Gift Bundle + Bonus Elixir

Includes one large (600g) bag of the signature original Crush bath soaks + Bonus 60ml Elixir


Eucalyptus Apothecary Crush
Smells Like: The eucalyptus steam room at a boujee spa Benefits: Recovery, Sinus Relief


Konjac Bamboo Charcoal Body Sponge
Hand-harvested Asian Konjac root that is naturally micro-antibacterial and uses the bathwater or body wash to create a creamy exfoliating lather.


Konjac Little Charlie Body Sponge
Gently cleanse and refresh your child's skin with this hand-harvested plant-based konjac sponge crafted for their sensitive skin.


Konjac Walnut Shell Exfoliating Body Sponge
Hand harvested asian Konjac root that is naturally micro-antibacterial and uses the bath water or body wash to create a creamy exfoliating lather.


Little Charlie Bath Soak
Smells Like: Oatmeal cookies dunked in fresh cream Benefits: Eczema Relief, Sensitive Skin


Little Charlie Bathtime Fun Acrylic Gift Set

Little Charlie - Big fun!


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