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Callus Cream
The intensive care brings immediate softening and a noticeable callus reduction within a few days. 75ml


Deodorant foot cream
GEHWOL med Deodorant foot cream, with its pleasant odour, combines the highly concentrated active substance extract of manuka oil with zinc oxide to remove strong foot odour for at least 24 hours in a nourishing cream base with jojoba oil and aloe vera. 75ml


Express foam
The GEHWOL med Express foam supplies the skin with moisture thanks to its 4-times hydro-complex. 125ml


GEHWOL Fluid takes care of and beautifies your skin and nails, making hard skin smooth. 15ml


GEHWOL Nail Softener
GEHWOL Nail Softener quickly and carefully softens cornification. 15ml


Lipidro Cream
Daily usage of GEHWOL med Lipidro Cream protects you against foot odour and infections and has an anti-inflammatory effect. 125ml


Med Salve
GEHWOL med Salve helps prevent cracks, skin reddening, and other unpleasant, related symptoms. 125ml


Med Sensitive
GEHWOL med Sensitive was developed specifically for the needs of dry, sensitive skin. It regenerates the skin's natural microflora, relieves itching and burning skin, reduces redness and protects against infections.


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