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Black Lash Primer



Now you can get the ultimate base in lash-building volume with a lash primer that will keep your mascara looking blackest black!
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Many white lash primers make applying mascara over the top of them difficult and can dilute the true black finish you desire.

Blinc black lash primer was created with two objectives in mind; lash treatment, as well as eyelash enhancement. Pentapeptide-17 treats lashes, encouraging new lash growth for fuller, longer lashes over time. Vitamins and nourishing ingredients such as D-Panthenol and Tocopheryl Acetate impart long-lasting moisturization and conditioning to protect lashes from damage and environmental stresses. Also, it does not contain any fumes or fragrances that will sting or irritate your eyes.

Blinc black lash primer provides an incredible base of volume & length for your lashes. Before applying your mascara, as many coats as desired can be added within 60 seconds to achieve a foundation of fuller, thicker lashes. The innovative silicon wand separates and lengthens while blinc black lash primer coats lashes. The voluminous finish remains when mascara is immediately applied over the top, a jet-black. Remove with any makeup remover.

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