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Crush Large Bag Gift Bundle + Bonus Elixir


Includes one large (600g) bag of the signature original Crush bath soaks + Bonus 60ml Elixir

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Indulge in one of each of our original signature Crush bath soaks. A great way to stock your bath collection with your Bathorium bath soak essentials. FYI- This is the perfect gift for any bath lover in your life (trust us).


  • 1 x 600g Charcoal Garden Detox
  • 1 x 600g Eucalyptus Apothecary
  • 1 x 600g Sea Kelp Serenity
  • 1 x 600g Ancient Oat Hydration
  • 1 x 600g Northern Sage Recovery
  • 60ML sample of Bubble Elixir of your choice: BeCalm, BeRejunvenated, or BePure

About Crush Bath Soak:

Crush Bath Soak comes by its name honestly: A crushed-up take on our bestselling Bath Bombs, it boasts the same good-for-you ingredients, from mineral-rich dead sea salt and detoxifying kaolin clay to skin-softening plant butters and hydrating oils. Effervescent and creamy, Crush melts into the bath water—and your skin—leaving a Cappuccino-esque crema on the surface.

How to use:

Step 1. Fill the tub with warm water, optimal temp 38°C

Step 2. Add the entire 120g packet or 1/2 cup of Crush under running water

Step 3. Get naked. Get in.

Step 4. Relax. You deserve this.

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Crush Large Bag Gift Bundle

Pick your Elixir

BeCalm 60ml, BeRejuvenated 60ml, BePure 60ml

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