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Intimate Refreshing Wipes


Feel instantly refreshed with one wipe. Our flushable wipes are designed for your most intimate areas. These wipes help to cleanse and refresh skin, while relieving redness after hair removal, or physical activity. Formulated with 10% aloe vera juice and natural extracts such as chamomile, cucumber, and oat kernels they provide instant soothing and moisturizing benefits.
  • pH-balanced
  • flushable
  • Calming
  • Cooling
  • Soothing
  • Helps reduce Redness and irritation
  • 15 in each pack
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Additional Info

Intimate Refreshing Wipes Box - Includes 15 individually packaged wipes

Step 1

Carefully tear open the package and unfold the cleansing wipes.

Step 2

Simply wipe the desired area and dispose. Safe to flush.

Recommended Areas

Any area that needs freshening up - including the vulva and underarms.

Note: Product is designed for external use only. Test for allergens prior to using.

What to expect?

Feel instantly clean and refreshed with one wipe or swipe. Your skin will benefit from instant soothing and moisturizing benefits.

Additional information

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