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Little Charlie Bath Soak


Smells Like: Oatmeal cookies dunked in fresh cream Benefits: Eczema Relief, Sensitive Skin
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Little Charlie Kids Soak was created for our youngest bathers to experience a beneficial bath without the nasties.

Luscious coconut milk and oat proteins nourish dry and inflamed skin while gently cleansing from head to toe. Specifically designed for newborns all the way up! No need for soap when using Little Charlie- just the bathwater and washcloth/ Konjac Sponge.
Little Charlie uses food grade ingredients such as botanicals like colloidal oat, coconut, and blue tansy chamomile which provide the perfect base that is natural and free of any parfum, toxins, and harmful surfactants that are commonly found in baby products today.
About Little Charlie: 
The in-house brand made just for your littles, from newborns and up. When our founder Greg’s niece developed eczema at just six months old, he knew he had to formulate bath products for her delicate skin. But in true Bathorium style, he subbed the toxins found in most baby bath products with natural, nourishing ingredients like oat, coconut, and organic blue tansy (like chamomile, but better).
How to use:
No need for soap, what-so-ever.

Little Charlie Bath Soak is intended to replace soap. Whether it’s a bathtub, the kitchen sink, or wherever you bathe your little charlie, just add 2-3 tablespoons into the lukewarm water. You can wash your little charlie’s hair by using a washcloth or Konjac Sponge and soaking it in the water then applying directly to the head and face.

Recommend bathing 3-4 times per week and not rinsing afterward. Little Charlie has natural antibacterial properties that ensure your Little Charlie is getting squeaky clean. Let all that goodness soak directly into the skin!

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250g, 750g, 3kg, 750g + Little Charlie Konjac Sponge

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