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Mama's Perch


Smells Like: A bouquet of fresh-cut wild roses and geranium Benefits: Relaxation, Sensitive Skin
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When it comes to Mom, she deserves the best, right? Thought so.

This bath bomb will have you in the good books all year long. This fizz releases a cascade of orange, rose and ylang-ylang essential oils along with skin-softening sea salts and hydrating cocoa butter. Coconut milk creates a creamy frothy lather, and real rose petals float subtly to the surface, truly creating an escape for mom. Light aromas of gardenia and geraniums put the mind at ease and escape to the garden of Mama's Perch.

About Bath Bombs

Meet the one that started it all: Our Bath Bomb: Thirty percent heavier than the average bath bomb, ours is highly concentrated with natural, nourishing ingredients, from mineral-rich dead sea salt and detoxifying kaolin clay to skin-softening plant butters and hydrating oils. Made for one soak, our Bath Bombs are perfect for celebrating or gifting. (And, yes, they totally fit in stockings.)

How to use:

Step 1: Get naked.

Step 2: Fill the tub halfway with warm water, optimal temperature of 38° C.

Step 3: Drop the bomb in.

Step 4: Get in. You've earned it.

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1 Bath Bomb, Case of 6 Bath Bombs

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