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Spa Ettiquette

A trip to the spa should be a relaxing, blissful experience, but if it's your first visit, it can be slightly nerve-wracking not knowing what to expect. The following are some tips on spa protocol for before, during and after. This section can act as a manual to make the most of your first spa-going encounter.

Showing Up on Time

If you're running late, the spa can only push your appointment back up to 10 minutes depending on which treatment is booked. Need the incentive to arrive on time? Little Spa & Boutique offers soothing music, refreshments, and the peaceful sound of flowing water from the outdoor water feature to help transition you from "go mode” to “me time”.

If you are running behind in your time, please text to let me know you are still on your way. However, I may shorten your treatment to ensure your relaxation stays on track with the next client's treatment. I will always do my best to accommodate if I can.

Mind Your Manners

Please turn your cell phone to silent or vibrate while in the spa.
The waiting area is also considered a relaxation area. Many clients who frequent Little Spa & Boutique have busy work schedules, and this is the only moment in their hectic day to relax.

Nudity at The Spa

One of the biggest fears for spa-goers is the issue of nudity. For any client this isn't just a source of anxiety for those hitting a spa for the first time. It can be an issue for even the most seasoned spa enthusiast who is either trying a new service or having the same one done.

Those confused and anxious about nudity issues are less likely to want to discuss them with a stranger. However, I am professionally trained, discreet, and confidential.

Brazilian waxes are the most common treatments in which a female or male can feel anxious about exposing themselves. I do my best to make you feel comfortable every time you come; please know that if something can help ease your anxiety, let me know so I can accommodate you.

Speak Up

All aspects of treatment can be modified to your taste: the amount of light, music selection, volume, room temperature, and talking or no talking. If you would like the pressure of your massage to be adjusted, let me know.
Also, feel free to ask questions. If any part of your experience is unsatisfactory, please tell me so I may fix the issue. The more knowledge and feedback you give, the better I can serve your specific needs.

What to do after the Treatment

You don't have to jump up instantly, but I may have another client after you. Please know that the relaxation waiting area is always available if you wish to let your toes dry or take in a bit more of the surrounding tranquillity.

Cancellation Policies

Life is busy; sometimes, we forget our appointments, or something has come up. Unfortunately, when you decide last minute not to attend your appointment or to be a "no show," often I cannot fill the space with another client.
I require 24hrs notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment. If you cannot do so, you will be charged a 20% fee for all services you booked that day.
A 50% charge will be applied to all the services you booked that day if you choose not to attend your appointment without notice.

Children and The Spa

I don't overbook my clients here at Little Spa & Boutique. Whether your child is a newborn or in school, you may bring them with you. I ask that you clean up behind your child, especially if they have been eating snacks.
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